Why Startups Should Use Animated Ads

It is hard for most startups to compete against established and well-known companies, but this does not mean that startup businesses don’t have a fighting chance either. With digital marketing and various creative agencies out there, anything is possible.

 Startup entrepreneurs all have to face a constant struggle though – limited finance and resources. Budget limitations give rise to more problems such as lack of manpower, lack of office/work equipment, and a very tight marketing budget.

 This limitation however requires startups to be more creative and radical when it comes to either work processes or marketing tactics. Everything should be done at the most cost-efficient way. Otherwise, the company might not survive by the end of the month.

 For startups that are planning to market themselves on YouTube and Facebook, it is important to come up with an eye-catching and compelling video that can hook potential customers in. Video ads can either be shot (like real films) or done like a corporate video production Hong Kong. But for startups, animation is the way to go because:

 It is more cost-efficient.

 Creating an animated ad is not as costly as shooting a real-life Ad. There’s no need to hire creative directors, script writers, cameramen, editors and actors. What you need is to get a good designer/animator, use a premium video creation/editing program and take pictures (if necessary) to come up with an animated Ad. And if done right, it can be as effective and compelling as any video ad out there.

 Most startups outsource good TV Ad animation to a firm or animation agency that can create the animated ad according to their vision and instructions. Costs could range, depending on length, complexity and the expertise of  the production house.

 Hip and Creative

 Adding effects and creative shots in a shoot is very costly because you need makeup and props, plus you still need to find a good location to shoot the whole thing. Animated ads however can be highly creative without necessarily using props or an overload of CGI effects. With animation, imagination is the only limit.

 Really short on budget? Just do it the DIY way.

 Financial struggles should not be an excuse, because animated ads can be done the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) way! You can delegate this task to a designer in the company who also has some background in animation, or you can also learn how to do it yourself.

 There are lots of tutorials that can help you online, but just make sure that you have the patience and determination to go through them. You also have to invest in a good video creation or editing service to ensure that your ads will still look professional despite budget constraints.