A Gadget In Hand

There was a time when people used to shut down the computers, lock the office room and go on holidays; totally far from all the noisy environment, techs, work load, mental pressure of deadlines and friends. Yes there was a time that lonely time was known as ‘my holidays’, that was the time when nobody wanted to be disturbed by anybody not even by the boss of the company for which they work. Honestly, there was no way to contact a person when he/she was on holidays (like one cannot just contact instantly).

But now my friends, we are living in 2018 where nobody is alone anymore, relatives are together if not physical then virtually and there is no private time left in anybody’s life anymore. Now even if they know one is on holidays and they need to contact they will simply pick up a gadget and call the gadget near you and we all know really well what that gadget is ‘ a cellphone/mobile’. Truly agreed that a mobile has tremendous benefits and each and every one actually discusses the same like always, but has anybody analyzed the drawbacks of having a mobile in life? Let’s shed some light on the drawbacks of having a cellphone:

No privacy: anytime, anybody can contact everybody this is a benefit now in case of emergency one can easily contact the other person. But, think from the other perspective there are some times in life when one wants to spend some lonely peaceful time, but with a mobile one can only dream of a life without disturbance.

Exposure to rays: now this is true each and every one of us are exposed to some serious radioactive rays, which are slowly harming the complete brain system of ours. If one observes, nausea, weak eyesight, sleepy and swollen eyes are all side effects of using a cellphone and as a result of putting a mobile near your head always.

Status: this is a myth and directly not related to mobile scaffold towers, problem is we as a human relates almost everything with our ego and status. Even brand of mobiles are no more unrelated to this phobia of brand consciousness. There are certain countries which are unfortunately exposed to street crimes and people get robbed every now and then, in ally on street and at many other places for example: India, Pakistan and some other west countries too are famous for mobile snatching.

Reading: actual reading habit has fallen down due to the excessive and unusual use of a mobile scaffold Illawarra. This is something which cannot be denied even small kids are using the mobile and not focusing on physical books at all. Yes online books are there, but honestly how many of our kids are actually using a mobile for reading purpose? Think again.